As a turn-key energy service provider, Endelos Energy takes care of everything for you. After our on-site Energy Audit is completed, our Energy Expert will prepare and submit a financial package for 100% funding of your renewable system. Possible funding methods include Buying, Renting, Rent-to-Own, Leasing, Grants, Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) and Performance Based Incentive (PBI). Upon financial approval, you will be presented with a comprehensive “Renewable Energy Proposal” for your business that achieves your energy independence goals. The Renewable Energy Proposal consists of a system design, equipment list and specifications, energy cost/benefit analysis, and all associated renewable energy and energy efficiency rebates, incentives and tax credits. Once you approve our proposal, we will execute a “Renewable Energy Agreement” that provides our contract terms and conditions, project scope of work, rebate and incentives forms, and utility interconnection requirements.

Commercial Financing Solutions

  • Typical terms for leases range from 3-7 years, 10 year under certain credit models
  • For ESA’s and PPA’s terms can be 20 to 30 years
  • Terms are a result of credit and transaction dollar value
  • Finance amounts from $20,000 – $100,000,000+
  • Flexible Payment Structures
  • Pre-qualification

Commercial Financing Required Documentation

In anticipation of the loan request, you may need to prepare to submit documents to the lender for review. The following is a partial list of lender required documentation for final obtain loan approval:

  • Submitted Application
  • Last 2 year end Corporate Tax Returns with Schedules
  • Last 2 year end Audited Statements with Notes
  • Last 2 year Personal Tax Return for each Principal owning 10% interest
  • Personal Financial Statement for each Principal owning 10% + interest
  • Latest Interim Operating Statement
  • Signed project estimate/contract