Company Overview

Endelos Energy is an Electrical Contractor specializing in Solar-Plus-Storage Distributed Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency upgrades such as LED Lighting and Power Quality/KVAR modernization. 

Endelos Energy is highly experienced in the planning, design, and deployment of renewable Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) including rooftop photovoltaic generation, distributed energy storage, energy efficiency solutions, demand response, electric vehicle charging solutions, and MicroGrids including opportunities to expand resiliency projects and distribution system upgrades.

Our Capability

Energy Service Company specializing in energy conservation, solar and wind energy, natural gas power generation:

project financing
Energy Audit
Energy Audits
Electrical Engineering
LED Lighting Upgrades
Power Plant Operation & Maintenance
Energy Equipment
Energy Equipment Procurement
Wind Design Engineering
Project Management
Construction Management

Our Solutions

Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions


Our Residential Hybrid Energy Storage Solution provides homeowners with energy independence against Public Safety Power Shutdowns (PSPS) during natural disasters as well as reducing energy cost via net zero energy systems

Commercial / Industrial

Our Hybrid Energy Storage Solution integrates easily with commercial and industrial high power controlling energy management systems which provides for demand response. Tiered ratio reductions load shifting and mission critical backup power needs.

State and Local Government

State, county and municipalities are custom designing and developing Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions that can be used to backup critical power requirements such as government, operation controls, data controls, public safety and ever changing governments non electrified vehicle foots.